The Steps

One step at a time, the Life Plan will help you make the decisions that will lead to improving your life. The method has four steps.

Identification of your key values

Happiness depends for a large part on the level of harmony between your values and the values of your environment. The stronger the harmony, the happier you feel. On the contrary, if there is a discrepancy in values, life becomes more of a struggle and the level of happiness and of fulfillment decreases. It is a fact that most people are not quite aware what their true values are, either.

Assessment of your current level of fulfillment

Once you have identified the top five values that drive you as a person, you will assess to which extent a number of key parameters in your life meet and satisfy these values.

The results appear in a visual chart, and you will be able to see immediately in which areas of your life the main actions are required.

Define new goals

From the previous assessment and analysis, you will review what the causes are of the discrepancy in fulfillment of your values.

You will identify the areas that are missing, and you will list the actions that are required to increase the satisfaction score for each one of the top five values.

Setting the process to achieve the goals and implement the plan

Once you have completed all of the above, you will set up the plan. You will define the steps, the timelines and the people involved to insure a proper progress. This is the phase where the plan comes to action and this part will require work and discipline. This is why it will be useful to have someone “watching” your progress to keep you motivated.

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