Getting Started

Are you interested in discovering which values influence your life the most?

Every person has a different set of values that define his/her ideal of success. The difference in the mix of values between individuals explains why it is impossible to give a definition of happiness that would meet everyone’s desires. Every person is unique and his/her aspirations depend on their own specific mix of values.

The Life Plan uses a list of 28 values that are listed and defined in the document titled “Identifying Your Key Values“.

This document also gives instructions about how to use the spreadsheet that will help you sort out which values are the most important for your life. The following link will open the “Your Values” file for you to start the process.

Once you have completed this exercise, you will have identified your top 5 values. The next step is the assessment of your current life against these 5 values.

The documents to carry out the Life Plan are accessible freely. You need to download them and be able to open Excel spreadsheets to work on your plan. Once downloaded, the information that you will produce will be on your computer only. None of the work for your Life Plan is on any cloud of any sort. This way, your privacy is protected and entirely under your control.