To be happy is easier than you may think. It starts with you. If you decide that you want to be happy, you already have made huge strides towards achieving this goal. Nobody else but you can take the lead and make the necessary effort to become happy. Then you will notice that others will help you when they understand what you are trying to achieve. By initiating the quest towards more happiness, you create the positive dynamics that will support your endeavor.

The benefits of happiness are many. Not only does it make you feel good inside, but your happiness also shows to others. For happy people, life is more enjoyable, problems are much easier to overcome, they have a better and stronger health, they are more active, they are more attractive to others, and they feel more successful.

Happiness will not happen just because you have decided so, though. Like many things in life, it requires work and training. The more you exercise, the easier it becomes to succeed. When you exercise regularly enough, becoming happy will become a natural and almost unconscious process.

The purpose of the Life Plan is to help you understand what drives you in your life, and thus make the right decisions that will increase the level of satisfaction of your needs and values.

In order to build your plan, which is the final objective of this program, you will follow a number of steps to identify your values, your needs and develop an action plan to achieve your goals.

The purpose of this exercise is to eliminate subjective thinking as much as possible and to assess your current situation in a rational manner. While making progress through the steps of this plan, you will identify the hierarchy of your needs. You will feel gradually more empowered. The result will be a list of actions that are achievable. This method has the advantage of being non-threatening. You do not have to disclose any embarrassing little “secret” to any third-party.

Although you may not always be aware of what makes you feel the way you feel, you have this information stored inside your mind. The Life Plan just allows you to activate this information and use it in a positive manner. This is why the Life Plan will help improve your level of fulfillment and happiness.

Although the Life Plan is an effective tool, it is not design to perform miracles. It is not a form of therapy. It is only a tool, and the results will depend largely on how much energy, dedication and discipline you are willing to spend. It is not a boot camp or any esoteric experience, either. It is a simple and systematic method. It will guide you through the steps of drawing the road map of your future.

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