As the Dalai Lama said, “the purpose of our lives is to be happy”. This clearly states the objective: it is happiness. Yet, many people struggle to achieve this goal.

The purpose of Objective: Happiness is to provide tools, methods and seminars to increase your level of happiness and fulfillment, in your personal life and in your professional life. The methodology follows a simple principle: every progress, how small it maybe, is progress and a step in the right direction. Well help you make as many steps as quickly as possible according to your own pace.

These methods do not come from books. I have developed them in the field on myself and on my teams. They are practical and they have proven to deliver strong results.

The services are aimed at individuals as well as at organizations that wish to create a more productive and successful environment. The goal is to help yourself and others to function better.

Please, browse through the website to discover what it offers, and feel free to work with our Life Plan, which has been posted for you to have a flavor of our philosophy.

I wish you a happy future!

Christophe Pelletier

Christophe Pelletier
The Happy Future Group Consulting Ltd.